Scott 31 photo-Matt Kirk

One day in a garbage collectors community in Cairo, Egypt I struggled to help a donkey cart full of trash to make it up a hill. Romany, the young, Coptic butcher standing on the top of the hill, said only three words to me, but those words have rung in my soul for more than a dozen years. He simply said, “God saw that.”

It was a reminder that small acts of kindness that seem insignificant, even ridiculous, count for something in God’s economy.

One might be tempted to discount the voice of Romany – an oppressed minority  person living in abject poverty with little education. But Romany has a voice, and he has something to say to those of us from places that appear to be in the center of society. They may be words of encouragement or exhortation, but he has something to say.

This site is dedicated to handing the microphone over to people who are often excluded from society’s center. In fact those deemed marginal to mainstream occupy a different kind of center – the center of a different kind of kingdom.

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